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To measure your ring size, take a thread or a small piece of paper, wrap it snugly around the base of your finger that you want to measure the ring size for. With the help of a pen mark the point where the thread or paper starts to overlap.

Measure the marked length of thread or paper on a Ruler. Don’t worry if you do not have a ruler at hand. Use this link to measure.

Now compare the length with the below chart to get your ring size.


Size 5

49.5 MM

Size 6

51.5 MM

Size 7

54 MM

Size 8

56.6 MM

Size 9

59.1 MM

Size 10

61.6 MM

Size 11

64.1 MM

Size 12

66.6 MM

Size 13

69.1 MM

Size 14

72.6 MM


Tips to help you find out a proper ring size:


  • Do not hold it too tight or too loose. Mark where It feels the most comfortable

  • Measure the ring size towards the end of the day and not in the morning.

  • Average woman’s ring size is 6 and average man’s ring size is around 10.

  • All the ring sizes mentioned here are US sizes.



Please feel free to email us for any queries. We will be happy to help you.