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  • Kanika Sahajwani

The silver jewelry and accessories that are available with LeCalla are made in Sterling Silver. The designs and collections

available on are classic, evergreen and hand-picked in such a way that it creates an amalgamation between the

old and the new generations.


Sterling silver, of all precious metals, is one of the brightest looking metal. Pure Silver, also known as fine silver is

comparatively soft to produce jewelry hence it is mixed with other metals to make it strong and durable. 92.5% silver along

with 7.5% of other alloyed metal is known as 'Sterling Silver' or '925 Sterling Silver'. Silver, as a metal does not have

as high a value when compared to gold or platinum, therefore the price of silver jewelry finished product is affected

majorly by the craftsmanship involved to create the masterpiece and the perfection required to create an intricate and a

delicate design. There is a 925 stamp on every jewelry piece made in sterling silver which assures you of the accuracy of

the silver used. With proper care, sterling silver jewelry lasts forever. To minimize scratches and other damages, it is

wise to keep stering silver jewelry in a separate pouch or a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Little care, goes a

long way.


Here are 5 reasons why one must possess a fine sterling silver jewelry collection of their own


1) More affordable than gold or platinum jewelry.

So, here is the catch. Sterling silver jewelry can be easily used for a mix and match with your gold or platinum jewelry

unlike other chunky pieces of jewelry which leave you with no option but to take off any other fine jewelry that you may

want to continue wearing. Where else would you find jewelry that looks as fine and delicate as any gold or platinum

jewelry. The best part about it is that you can add more styles to your collection without having to pay a bomb.


 Real Looking Solitaire ring in sterling silver


2) Lasts a Lifetime

Sterling silver is a metal that stands the test of time. It can be easily maintained, filed or polished to repair any

surface damages that may happen due to rough usage and can look all the more new everytime it is cleaned or polished.

Wearing your silver jewelry often is the best way to keep it looking bright and sparkling. Need we say more!


 Heart Beat Lifetime Necklace


3) Craftsmanship and designs

Since Sterling Silver jewelry is more affordable, it has made it really easy for the designers like us to create ample

amount of designs and keep the products ready to ship than you waiting for weeks or months to get your fine jewelry made in

the design of your choice. The constantly changing styles and concepts are easy to cope up with when you are buying

something that looks extremely beautiful and allows your pocket to easily freshen up your treasure box whenever needed.


 Twisted Rose Gold and Gold Plated Sterling Silver Hoops


4) Good Friends with your Skin

If you are the kind whose skin is allergic to anything other than gold or platinum, here is a good news for you. The metal

silver is friends with skin hence it cuts down any chance of allergy to your ears or skin. As a cherry on top, the silver

jewllery available at LeCalla is Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free hence making it even more safe to adorn. Well, even if you

are not the kinds who is allergic to non-precious jewellery, your skin will thank you for being nice to it.


 Love your skin sterling silver bracelet


5) Value for money

Sterling silver is the whitest of all brilliant metals. Investing in a beautiful piece of silver jewelry for a modest price

is not only an advantage, but a real value for money. Know who to thank when compliments pour in for your sense of style.

Since you can buy more styles, its a boon for those of you who love the color of the metal. The Sterling Silver jewelry can

also be plated in gold, rose gold or rhodium to give it any desired look of the jumbo metals.


 Rose Gold Plated Heart Bracelet in sterling silver


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