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  • Kanika Sahajwani

Jewellery is something which describes your personality, its like what clothes your wear, what music you want to listen, what cars you like. They all reveal some thing about you, so does Jewellery. It says something about the people you meet at parties, on the street, at work and all the places you go. It gives a hint about certain personality traits that are imbibed in you.

For example, If you choose to wear a circle or an open shape necklace or anything with an open geometric form, it symbolizes that you are a person who is very open-minded, who’s always looking to explore new things, experiences and opportunities in life.



If you choose to wear a large statement necklace or a fun inspirational necklace, it reveals that you have a flirty and a naughty side of your personality hidden inside you.


Puffed Heart 925 Sterling Silver Necklace                    Statement Necklace 925 Sterling Silver LeCalla

By choosing colourful and enormous rings and earrings, you make sure that people know how adventurous and fun loving you are. It takes a lot of courage to be confident while attracting everyone’s eye towards you, being amidst strangers and being admired.


LeCalla Twisted Two Tone Hoop Earring                    LeCalla Geometric Enormous Ring in Sterling Silver

Sparkly pieces of jewelry depict how comfortable you are in your own skin and how much you really love and trust yourself.

LeCalla Sparkly Jewelry                    LeCalla Sparkly Stone Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

If status and style interests you more than anything else, a designer jewelry like below, helps in communicating a strong personality. Yes, the designer jewelry you choose to wear will be unique and expensive, but it will be worth every cent. These pieces speak of etiquette and elegance. They ooze out finesse, attitude and grace. In short, a classic choice.

LeCalla Back Lobe Ear Jacket Earrings                   LeCalla Twisted Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver


On the other hand, there are several men and women who prefer to wear jewelry that is very close to their heart. It may not be exactly about the value of the jewelry piece, but it’s about what it means to you. It could be a timeless gift from wife, daughter, sister, mother or husband that reflects love, independence, happiness and family values. This kind of jewelry is often either passed down from generation to generation connecting families and members together or could be something personalized or customized gifts of love from near and dear ones.


Personalized Jewelry LeCalla                    Customized Necklace in Sterling Silver from LeCalla


What kind of jewelry do you like to wear? Share your jewelry stories with us and win surprise rewards. Send us an email at